LG will ditch the G branding for their smartphones going forward

LG is reportedly working on a major rebranding of their smartphones, and one casualty of that might be the G naming scheme. In fact, the LG G6 might be the last G branded phone we see, as this change will supposedly happen starting this year.

The options to replace what would’ve been the G7? Either a two digit numbering scheme, or just a totally new name altogether. I know, that still leaves a ton of options on the table, but it does mean we’ll see something either not unlike the HTC 10 or just a totally new name that ditches the numbers entirely. Both options are definitely going to breathe some life into a brand that is, quite frankly, pretty stale in 2018.

We’ll likely see this new phone announced very soon, possibly at CES in the next week. And whatever happens, the rebranding isn’t going to affect the V line, so at this point don’t worry too much about whether or not we’ll see the V40 later this year.

source: The Investor