Several Galaxy S9 cases have leaked, confirming the phone’s design

If you’ve been doing the smartphone news thing for a while, you probably already know that most of the accurate device leaks that we see prior to an official unveiling come from case manufacturers. Companies either get specifications directly from the manufacturer or make guesses based on info that the public doesn’t have, and when those product listings go up early the whole world gets to see what a phone will look that.

That’s something not even Samsung can get away from.

Several cases for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus have leaked on a wholesale website, indirectly confirming a few details about the phone before Samsung makes it official.

The leak confirms the dual camera setup will exclusively be on the Galaxy S9 Plus, which means Samsung will be taking the Apple approach to reserving some features to the bigger phone. As a plus, though, the fingerprint scanner appears to be moving to the center of the back of the phone instead of the absolutely terrible placement that Samsung went with on the Galaxy S8 family. The LED flash is switching to the other side of the camera, too, but that’s a smaller change.

Other than what we can see on the back, the phone looks like a very natural successor to the Galaxy S8, for better or worse. Bezels are nearly nonexistent, the screens are large, and color scheming looks mostly the same.

With all of this being said, any leaks before an official announcement may not be accurate. This could either be the best look we get at the Galaxy S9, or it might be something totally off the mark. We’ll find out soon.

source: OnPhones

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