Samsung admits there’s a flaw with the Galaxy Note 8’s battery

Samsung’s Galaxy Note line is no stranger to battery problems, and unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 8 is still running into issues. Don’t get too alarmed, though, since these batteries are simply failing, not exploding.

The long and short of the situation is that sometimes when a Galaxy Note 8 fully discharges its battery, it won’t turn back on. No cable swapping, overnight charging, or anything else will bring it back, which is apparently something that affected a few Galaxy S8+ users, too.

While it’s a pretty small batch of devices that have this problem (and they’re mostly limited to US Snapdragon variants) it’s still not great for anyone that just can’t turn their phone on one day. Samsung has publicly acknowledged that there’s an issue, and they’re likely working on a fix in the meantime. They don’t have any insight or details, so this is realistically a pretty rare bug for anyone to get with. Unfortunately that makes it harder to fix, too.

So the moral of the story? Don’t let your Note 8’s battery fully die, at least until Samsung knows what’s going on.

source: SamMobile

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