Several new Huawei phones have leaked, including one with a notched display

A slew of schematic designs for some new Huawei devices have leaked, showing off a set of new devices, features, and naming conventions. The leak shows off the P20, P20 Plus, and P20 Pro, with the last design taking a bit of inspiration from Apple’s design team.

This leak does also indicate that we won’t be seeing the Huawei P11 at MWC this year. Instead, that device will be named the P20, and that’s where we’ll see the three variants come from.


The leak above from /leaks on Twitter features the Huawei P20, which doesn’t look drastically different from other Huawei devices. There’s a slim bezel, rounded corners, a home button, and three camera system. A third camera is definitely odd compared to the dual-camera setups we’re currently seeing, but overall it’s a pretty straight upgrade from some previous devices.

The P20 Plus sports an almost identical design, although it will likely have a larger screen. On the backside, the camera setup will also change to a vertical orientation instead of the horizontal orientation. Huawei isn’t ripping off Apple, and Apple wasn’t the first to adopt a vertical orientation of their cameras, either. The similarities are there, though.

Lastly, we can see the P20 Pro. It keeps the vertical triple camera layout, but moves it to the center of the device on the back above the fingerprint scanner. The front of the phone is pretty much all screen, except for the notched display at the top, a la the Essential Phone or iPhone X.

Aside from the similarities, we can learn a few other things from these schematics. A big one is that we probably won’t be seeing an in-screen fingerprint scanner since Huawei has included that on the back of the phone, and that this line will probably feature similar specs across the entire family.

We’re anticipating a Kirin 970 CPU paired with 6GB of RAM, a very high resolution display, and EMUI. There’s a lot to still learn about the P20, but we’ve got plenty of time before MWC for more things to leak.

source: Slashleaks (Twitter)
via: OnPhones

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  • rbfx4x

    I seriously hope that the stupid notch thing doesn’t become a trend. Worst design decision ever.

    • AS

      I’d rather they just not bother with a selfie camera than put it in a notch.

    • Darkcobalt

      I’ve used the iPhone X from various friends and I think the notch is fine. I like the added screen real estate.

      • rbfx4x

        How does cutting part of the screen out equate to added screen real estate? :)