Google Maps Go is quietly hiding on the Play Store, but you can access it through a browser

Google Maps Go has been very silently hiding on the Play Store, and it’s still doing a pretty good job of staying out of the way. A listing for it has popped up, but it’s incompatible with pretty much every device you can throw at it, so no one can get it installed just yet.

It’s another app in line with Google’s philosophy of lightweight, more efficient apps for slower phones or people with inconsistent internet connections. This has been a big focus for the company this year, and it looks like we can expect to see a full suite of Google apps get the Go treatment.

However, as Google Maps Go is designed as a progressive web app, you can actually still use it in your mobile Chrome browser. Thanks to some sleuthing from Android Police, there’s even an easy URL for you to go to. If that link sends you to your Google Maps app, copy and paste it into a Chrome tab.

The app itself is a pretty barebones Google Maps experience, but it can still detect your location, give you directions, share your location, and a few other small features. It’s not the full thing, but if you’re trying to navigate on a device that just don’t work well with a bigger app like Maps, this can work in a pinch.

The Play Store listing says it’s supported in over 70 countries, too, so it looks like we’ll see some kind of announcement from Google soon. Maybe then some devices will actually be able to pull it from the Play Store.

source: Android Police
Get it now: Play Store

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