Twitter’s threaded tweets feature will officially roll out in the next few weeks

Recently we saw evidence of a “tweetstorm” feature making its way to the official Twitter app to help people cohesively string together a series of tweets. Now that feature is ready to hit the mainstream.

Technically, it’s not called a tweetstorm. This feature will allow users to easily thread multiple tweets together directly from the app or website, so it only makes sense to call these threaded tweets. But in addition to allowing users to do that easily, Twitter is polishing things up so reading them will be easier, too.

There’s a button now for showing all of the tweets in a thread, so you can quickly read the entire chain without having to click around and get interrupted with different replies.

This feature is going live in the Android and iOS versions of the app, as well as Twitter’s website. It’s unclear if that means the mobile site will get the feature as well, but sometimes this more advanced stuff gets locked to the app. Keep an eye out for any updates in the next few weeks.

source: Twitter