Andy Rubin returns to Essential after leave of absence due to allegations

Despite launching to mixed reviews, the emergence of Essential has proved exciting to smartphone consumers and blogger alike. Constructed out of premium materials and running an almost stock build of the Android OS coupled with the recent discount to $399, the Essential Phone is reckoned to be the smart person’s Pixel 2. Which is why when Andy Rubin took a leave of absence at the end of November due to allegations of inappropriate behavior, there were some concerns about the longevity of Essential. A little less than two weeks later, Essential’s CEO and founder has returned to his post. 

It isn’t like Andy Rubin has spent his leave of absence hiding away or as an actual vacation; he’s actually still been commuting to the same building because he is the CEO of a venture capital company called Playground Global that shares the same office space as Essential. Indeed, Playground Global even led Essential’s first round of fundraising.

As for the alleged inappropriate relationship that apparently occurred while he worked at Google, Rubin has always denied any wrongdoing and stressed that the relationship was consensual. It’s impossible, and ill-advised from a legal standpoint, to comment further without access to the full details.

As the founder of Essential, confidence in the new smartphone company took a bit of a knock when it was learned that Rubin had taken a leave of absence due to the allegations. With him having retaken his place at the helm of the company, it’s likely that both investors and consumers nerves will settle down. While Rubin was on his leave of absence, Essential had stated in its bi-weekly AMA that the company had plans to follow up the début Essential Phone (PH-1) with a successor.

Source: Recode 

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