You can now play with Google’s AR Stickers on any Pixel Phone

Back on October 4th when Google launched the new Pixel 2 phones (and other hardware), they introduced a cool feature called AR Stickers. This augmented reality camera mode allows you to insert 3D characters and objects into photos or videos, and there are two sticker sets available from arguably the most popular show and movie of the last couple of years: Stranger Things and Star Wars. The feature is now available for all Pixel phones.

Users can put cartoon versions of the Stranger Things characters in a photo or video to really bring them to life. Unfortunately, these are from Season 1, so no punk Eleven or Demodogs. The original Demogorgon can still haunt your videos. There are also a cool handful of Star Wars characters available, including R2-D2, BB-8, stormtroopers and porgs. In addition to the famous stickers, Google has included a few of their own. There’s food emoji like weightlifting broccoli, a donut and coffee mug. You can also type words using a variety of fonts.

To use the new feature, slide out the side menu in the camera app for modes and then choose AR Stickers. You’ll see a lot of options to choose from and simply drag and drop whatever you want into the scene. You can pinch to zoom or drag them around to place them exactly how you want.

So far, you can only use AR Stickers on Pixel phones and they need to be running Android 8.1. If you’re still on Android 8.0, you’ll likely get an error saying that the update isn’t compatible. To get started, you need to update a couple of apps (below).

  1. ARCore
  2. AR Stickers

Google plans to release more sticker packs in the near future. I’m just waiting to be able to put Eleven up against Rey for the ultimate Force showdown.

Source: Droid Life

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