[TA Deals] Speed up your PC gaming with the discounted Game Fire Pro

If you’re looking to squeeze a bit of extra performance out of a gaming PC, you might be interested in Game Fire Pro. It helps to quickly tweak and tune your computer for gaming to get a few more FPS out of your current setup.

  • Reduce load on system resources
  • Achieve higher in-game FPS
  • Get real-time performance optimization
  • Tweak system settings w/ one click
  • Customize every aspect of the optimization process using an easy & powerful user interface
  • Manage all of your favorite local or online games in one place

It works by turning off unnecessary background tasks and prioritizing your current game. It’s not going to get your Chromebook running the latest Assassin’s Creed smoothly, but it will help smooth out performance issues.

Right now you can pick up the program for just $9.99, a discount of 66%.

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