Samsung rolls out Secure Wi-Fi to the Galaxy Note 8 in latest update

We’ve had plenty of WiFi security scares lately, and despite getting things patched up and fixed, Samsung wants to stay ahead of the curve and protect your network traffic proactively. The latest update of the Galaxy Note 8 includes a new Secure WiFi feature to do just that.

This feature has actually been on some lower-end Samsung phones, so it’s not totally new, but it’s a useful little feature. It’s essentially a VPN baked in at the system level, so you might not care if you already use a third-party VPN, but for anyone that likes things integrated, it’s a plus.

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Samsung will encrypt your outgoing WiFi traffic and prevent apps and sites from tracking you, including 250MB of usage for free very month. You can also pay for a day of unlimited usage or monthly usage, which might be a better fit for some of you that only use unsecured WiFi networks occasionally but not everyday.

Keep an eye for this update, but do remember that it may not be available in every country or on every carrier.

source: SamMobile

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