Google Home can now perform two actions with a single command

The Google Home Max should be available to purchase from Best Buy from December 11, in the meantime, the regular Google Home and Home Mini devices have been learning new tricks. Thanks to the latest update, you can now issue dual commands to Google Home instead of asking each request separately.

As an example, you can now ask Google Home to switch on the lights and to play Roxette’s greatest hits. Ok, you may ask for a different band but you get what I’m saying. Commands should still begin as they normally would with “OK/Hey Google” and then your chosen action requests such as:

  • “Hey Google, turn on the lights and play some rock music”
  • “OK Google, what time is it and set a timer for five minutes”
  • “Hey Google, what is the weather like and find my phone”

Being able to join two commands makes for a less stilted experience, it can be repetitive and frustrating having to say the Google hotword for every single command. For the moment you can’t try to activate a shortcut with a second command tagged on as Google Home will only recognize the singular command and not the shortcut.

As for the long-awaited Routines function, well it’s anyone’s guess when Google will let us use a custom phrase to activate multiple commands at once. This means we have a little longer to wait until we can say “OK Google, I’m home” to turn on the lights at 50%, play our favorite rock playlist at volume 5, turn on the TV with Logitech’s Harmony and to turn the heating on. Still, it’s another sign that Google Home is maturing as a product.

Source: CNET

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