Microsoft Edge picks up dark mode and password syncing to desktop

Have you been using Microsoft Edge on your device since Microsoft quietly announced it? Well, good news; it’s getting a few new features to make your browsing even better.

Perhaps the biggest feature is an option for dark mode, which many users clamor for regardless of the app. It’s a stylistic choice for many people, but depending on your phone, dark mode can also bring some battery life improvements. It’s pretty rare to see this feature implemented in prerelease software, but hey, good job Microsoft.

The other major feature is support for syncing passwords between the mobile and desktop versions of Edge. If you’re using Edge on your desktop or laptop (and if you’re not, it’s really not bad, try it!) you’ll be able to sync passwords across platforms just like Google Chrome does.

Microsoft is still a long way away from catching up to Google or even Mozilla when it comes to a robust desktop browser, but moves like this make it much more appealing for potential new users. I try to give Edge a fair shake on my desktop computer, and while I still use Chrome more often, I do like what Microsoft is doing.

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via: Android Police

About the Author: Jared Peters

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