[TA Deals] Name your price for the Black Friday Windows software bundle

It’s Black Friday week, which means it’s time to stock up one deals and save some money. Right now you can secure a ton of top-notch Windows software at a price you want to pay. No, really. You can name your price for it.

You have to beat the average to get everything, but there are a couple pieces of software that you’ll get access to by literally paying anything. It includes data recovery software, a VPN, a task manager, an image editing program, and several other programs. There are 10 programs total, all of which will fit right into any Windows user’s toolbox.

It’d cost a fortune to try and buy all of this stuff separately, so save yourself a headache and some cash and grab the bundle.

Buy it now: Talk Android Deals

  • Richard Dennis

    LOL but not windows or office.

  • Jimmy

    no windows? that’s the best thing ms has to offer man