‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ is up for download a day early

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was set for release on November 22, but it’s apparently gone live in the play store a few hours early. If you’re interested, you can jump into the game right now.

When it was announced, we detailed some of the major aspects of the game, such as managing your own campsite, crafting furniture, and collecting leaf tickets. Those leaf tickets are also the in-game currency that you can buy with in-app purchases, which is the biggest sign that this is still a more traditional mobile game and not like Super Mario Run with a one-off purchase.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the third or fourth game that Nintendo brought to mobile, depending on how you like to count things. Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes are two of their biggest franchises that made it into an actual game, but Miitomo was the company’s first foot in the water.

Either way, you can test the app out for free at the link below. It’s free.

Get it now: Play Store

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