“Value Pack Update” for Samsung’s Gear S3 brings Tizen 3.0, fitness tracking, and modernized UI

Samsung launched its Gear S3 smartwatches late last year, continuing its habit of snubbing Google’s Android Wear platform and instead installing its own Tizen OS on the wearable devices. For the most part, the Korean electronics giant has reaped dividends from utilizing the Tizen OS in its smartwatches, giving the company the control it wants over features and updates. Samsung has announced the availability of a “Value Update Pack” for the Gear S3, which also includes an update to Tizen 3.0.

The Tizen 3.0 update lets users being able to continuously monitor their heart rate activity as well as tracking calory and food intake. Samsung’s Health Fitness Program enables users to view exercise programs from their synced smartphone on a tv, displaying their heart rate and letting them control the content via their Gear S3.

The update also lets users search for and create new contacts via the wearable, as well as creating calendar events with date, time, location, and reminder alerts, all possible via the Gear S3’s rotating bezel.

The UI has also been tweaked, with widgets now optimized to fit the round display of the Gear S3, enabling more information to be seen without having to interact with the device. Users can now reorder their favorite apps, swipe up or down to access the new Moment Bar to adjust volume, check the device’s battery level, and more. The Samsung Gear companion app has also been modernized.

If you haven’t received notification that the “Value Update Pack” is available yet, simply navigate to the Samsung Gear app to begin the download process. It’s a 258MB file, so it’s probably best to download it via a WiFi connection. If your Gear S3 is a carrier variant, there may be some delays while the update is certified by the applicable network.

Source: Samsung

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