Samsung’s Galaxy X is almost ready as a support page surfaces online

Samsung’s highly anticipated foldable phone is inching closer to an official release as a support page for the Galaxy X has surfaced online in Korea. We know from a previous leak that it’ll probably be a futuristic flip phone with the model number SM-G888N0. The device already has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certifications, and one from the South Korean NNRA. The support page doesn’t reveal any new specifications, but it does signal that a launch is imminent.

In September, Samsung announced plans to release the Galaxy X in early 2018. With the Galaxy S9 most likely launching in February, January’s CES 2018 is a possible target for the foldable phone’s reveal. The design will have two screens with one being bendable, providing a large, uninterrupted display when opened. Specifications are unknown at this point and it’s probable that the launch will be limited to Korea, at least initially. Early adopters will basically be beta testers for the new technology.

Rumors are pointing to future foldable phones from LG and even Apple, and the Galaxy X will signal whether or not the market is ready for the new form factor. ZTE just launched the Axon M, which is a different take on the concept as it utilizes two separate screens. The Sprint Kyocera Echo tried this years ago and was a market failure, so it’ll be interesting to see how the Axon M fares when it ships from AT&T later this month.

Will bendable screens be the next big thing? We should know soon.

Source: Mobiel Kopen

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