Firefox breaks down the details on their new Quantum browser

Firefox rolled out their new Quantum browser with a ton of speed and performance increases, but what exactly is going on behind the scenes with the update? Don’t worry, Mozilla has broken down the numbers to show us just big of a jump Quantum is.

The project took a year, took hundreds of workers, add millions of lines of code and changed millions more, and it created a browser that’s drastically faster and lighter than other popular browsers.

Yep, Firefox claims its browser is now 2x and 30% lighter than Google Chrome. Plus you get all of Firefox’s extension library and customization options, making it a solid alternative browser, if you’re in the market.

You can check out Mozilla’s full post about this update on their blog, and you can grab the browser to test drive while you’re there.

Have you tried out Firefox Quantum yet? Drop us a comment how you’re liking it.

source: Mozilla

Firefox Quantum

  • bolski

    This thing SCREAMS both on my PC and my Android phone. Best browser out there!

  • Ben Kingery

    I for sure have noticed the speed with Quantum. What I don’t like is default Pocket integration, for my bookmarking I prefer Bookmark OS

  • Jeckel

    Firefox always loaded pages practically instantly and after updating it still loads pages practically instantly. The only difference that I’ve noticed is that the interface now looks terrible and any bit of color in the interface has been drained out in favor of an ugly grey sketch-like theme. I won’t be downgrading or anything, but I’m pretty disappointed in the update from a user perspective.. though from a dev perspective, the stats on the amount of code they overhauled is very impressive.

  • Luka Esper

    This article is absolutely pointless. You barely address the subject in your title and there is nothing in it about the details of the browser, but instead only a “2x faster 30% lighter sales pitch, which for such a claim, is just hype marketing without actual data to prove it. I know you usually write extremely short pieces that are concise bites, but it would be always be helpful if you were the one who connects the sources of the claim and actual data to show if it’s true or not. But, all of your info only came from Mozilla, so without any actual data, there’s a good chance that 2x as fast number is an inflated half-truth like it’s 2x as fast as other conventional browsers when they first got out of bed in the morning.