Searching for a Job? Google is now making it easier

Finding a new job can be both difficult and stressful. Job sites and postings are scattered around the internet in a somewhat haphazard way, resulting in missed opportunities for both those looking for work and employers looking for qualified candidates. Following up on a new experience for job seekers from earlier this year (resulting in 60% more employers showing job opportunities in Search), Google is introducing more tools to make the process even easier. Based on job seeker feedback, users can now find salary information for posts and choose which online site they want to use to apply. In a couple of weeks, they’ll also be able to save jobs individually.

Google found that over 85% of US job postings do not list salary information, which can be a problem for many who need a specific level of income. Using the job title, location and employer, Google is now offering estimated salary ranges next to many job postings. Sources like Glassdoor, PayScale, LinkedIn and Paysa help provide the estimates. If a salary is already listed, Google will still show an estimated salary range for the job as a comparison.

The importance of a job’s location varies among job seekers and Google has refined the ability to search for jobs within a range of distances. Users can click on the “Location” filter and search from two miles to 200 miles from a chosen point, or simply search “anywhere” if relocation is an option. When a desired job listing is found, job seekers now have more options on how to apply. Jobs are often posted to multiple sites (Monster, CareerBuilder, etc.) and many users have profiles built for a specific one. Google is providing the choice of which site to visit to complete the application process.

If a desirable listing is found and a user isn’t quite ready to apply, clicking on the bookmark button next it will make it accessible within the “Saved jobs” tab on Google across all compatible devices. All of these new tools are a result of Google continuously listening to users and trying to lesson the headaches of job hunting, and even more enhancements will be coming in the near future.

Source: Google

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