Google Assistant comes to Nexus Player in latest update

Remember Google’s Nexus Player? Cool idea, mediocre expectation, then Google almost completely forgot about it. The good news is that they’ve kept it updated, true to its Nexus name, and now it’s getting another software update that adds a feature several years later. 

The November security update for the Nexus Player bundles in Google Assistant support, putting the streaming box on par with the NVIDIA Shield, which also has Google Assistant. Those are the only two set-top boxes with Assistant, although Sony’s Android TV models also have it. Otherwise, it’s a pretty rare feature.

Is anybody still using their Nexus Player? Mine’s collecting dust in a closet somewhere, but we’d love to hear about yours if it’s still getting used regularly.

source: Android Police

  • Richard Dennis

    I stopped using mine because of some weird delay between button press and action.. But i am going to have to pull it out to see if that was fixed.