Oreo beta is now available for the Essential Phone

The Essential Phone got off to a rocky start thanks to its delayed release and widespread criticism of the performance of its dual camera setup. In his review of the Essential Phone, Erik said that his “experience wasn’t bad as long as the lights were up“. Something that Essential has been universally praised for, though, is the frequency that it has issued firmware updates for its inaugural device. Continuing in that vein, there is now an Oreo beta available for the Essential Phone. 

Andy Rubin promised that Oreo would be available for the Essential Phone before the year’s end, and the Oreo beta build is the first step in that process. Installing the beta firmware isn’t as simple as signing up and receiving an OTA update like you can with the Pixel 2. Instead, it’s pretty much an old-school process involving the use of ADB to sideload the ROM. For the adventurous among you, simply click the source link below to feast your eyes on the installation instructions and get side-loading away.

With the Essential Phone being discounted by $200, it’s a little easier to see past its inadequacies. For $499 (or even $449 from Best Buy), it’s a heck of a phone with premium build quality and mostly flagship specifications. So long as you aren’t counting on absolute high-end quality images, the Essential Phone could be the thinking man’s Pixel thanks to the almost stock nature of the phone’s firmware.

If you decide to take the plunge and install the Oreo beta firmware on your Essential Phone, don’t forget to let us know how you get on. Click the link below to get started on your journey to Oreo goodness.

Source: Essential

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