Google Assistant’s new broadcast feature lets you turn your Google Home into an intercom

Having multiple units of the full-size Google Home around the house can be a little expensive, but with Google’s newly launched Home Mini costing just $49, it’s now an affordable way to get the Google Assistant everywhere in your household. Google Assistant has come such a long way since it first launches, you can do so much with the Google Home and its smaller sibling, and now you can even use it as an intercom device.

Using the Google Assistant on your phone or Home device, you can broadcast your voice to every Google Home on your home network, with commands such as “Ok Google, broadcast that it’s time for school” or “Hey Google, broadcast that I’m on my way home”, it even works when you aren’t home. And, if you ask Google Assistant to broadcast that it is dinner time, a dinner bell will ring on all your Google Home devices and smart speakers such as the TicHome Mini. How neat is that?

Basically, if you have one or more Google Home devices in your home set up to the same network, you now have your very own intercom system, which is great news if you are sick and tired of traipsing upstairs to tell the kids that its dinner time every day.

The new feature is currently rolling out in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK on devices running Google Assistant¬†set to the English language. Google says that more languages will be supported “soon”.

Source: Google

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  • David Michaels

    I just got the TicHome Mini so I can hear broadcasted messages in the shower but the broadcast feature doesn’t seem to work! Only google home devices will receive the broadcast not the TicHome Mini. Is there a way to fix this??