The Voice Experiments site harnesses the full potential of Google Assistant

It seems that the Google Assistant is pretty much everywhere these days, on every Android phone as well as the more obvious Google Home and Home Mini devices, with more functionality being added all the time. Google has just posted 4 videos in its new “Voice Experiments” category showcasing how open-ended, natural conversation can be applied to games, music, and storytelling.

Mystery Animal

Mystery animal is a new take on the classic 20 Questions game where the Google Home outputs an animal noise and the user has to guess which animal it has imitated. You can ask it ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ qualifying questions such as “Do you sleep at night?” or “Do you have four legs?” to find out the answer, you get the idea.

Story Speaker

The Story Speaker experiment is interesting because it allows users to write stories in Google Docs that can be narrated on a Google Home device. An added bonus is that you can also create interactive, choice-driven RPG stories. Imagine writing a bedtime story for your child that would allow them to steer the storyline, with each choice affecting the conclusion of the story? The Story Speaker function is available as an add-on for Google Docs and will read the story out on a Google Home device with no coding necessary. You can even export the resulting story so that anyone with a Google Home can play it.


MixLab is an entirely different kettle of fish that lets you create your own music to play over the Google Home. If you ask Google Home to “Play me a funky bass” or to “Add some jazz drums”, the relevant sound will start playing on the device. You can get started simply by saying “Hey Google, talk to MixLab” to get the party started.

Meme Buddy

If memes are your thing, Google Assistant can now make a meme to your exacting specifications thanks to Meme Buddy. Simply open up Google Assistant on your device, say “Talk to Meme Buddy” and ask it to “Make a meme of an evil black cat saying ‘Meow'” and Meme Buddy will search for a relevant picture and present you with the meme.

Source: ExperimentsWithGoogle

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