Galaxy S8 Active ditches AT&T, comes to both Sprint and T-Mobile

There were plenty of rumors swirling around that the Galaxy S8 Active wouldn’t remain an AT&T exclusive forever, and today, it’s officially hitting a few other carriers. This also marks the first time that Samsung’s ruggedized flagship has been sold through a carrier besides AT&T, at least in the US.

T-Mobile and Sprint will both begin selling the Galaxy S8 Active later this month in Meteor Gray. Yes, there are two things you can take away from that sentence besides its new availability.

First off, where’s Verizon? Who knows.

Second, what about that slick Titanium Gold color? Looks like that’ll still be exclusive to AT&T.

In our review, we found that the Galaxy S8 Active was an incredibly great piece of hardware that sacrificed design for no-compromise specs and battery life. There’s no curved screen here, and the price tag is high, but if you want the best from Samsung in a shatterproof design with stellar battery life, this is your phone.

source: Samsung