You can buy the LG V30+ on T-Mobile starting November 17th

T-Mobile has announced that they’ll soon be carrying the LG V30+, which was previously only available on Sprint’s network. Like other carrier exclusive phones, it turns that it was really more of a timed limitation than something permanent. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a legitimate exclusive phone, and I doubt that trend is coming back.

The V30+ will be available for $130 down and $30 per month over 24 months, putting it just slightly over the regular V30’s price tag. You’ll get nearly identical specs, including the same screen, cameras, and support for the 600MHz band of T-Mobile’s network, but the “plus” part of the phone means you’ll also get 128GB of storage, a quad DAC, and a pair of nicer headphones. That should be an attractive option for heavy media consumers.

source: T-Mobile

  • Chazz Matthews

    The V30 also has same quad DAC. The only difference with the “plus” is the increased storage. The free headphones are not part of the phone, just a free accessory. In South Korea, LG gave headphones with even the V30.

  • Lori Bahn

    I’d love to win a nice new phone my screen is so shattered and now doesn’t work. Thank so much