Specs for the upcoming Razer Phone have leaked on Reddit

We know Razer’s smartphone is coming, but there have been relatively few leaks about it leading up the announcement. Most devices are laid bare on the internet well before they’re official, but Razer has actually done a pretty great job of keeping things sealed up.

Well, that streak is over thanks to a user on the Razer subreddit who managed to snap a photo of a product page for the Razer Phone. It’s confirmed a few things, including that boring name, and shed some light on the specs of the company’s gamer-focused gadget.

Perhaps the biggest feature will be the inclusion of a 120Hz screen in the Razer Phone. If you’ve played with one of Apple’s new iPad Pros (or tested the waters of high-end PC gaming) you know how great a 120Hz refresh rate is for the user interface and especially for gaming. The only question is whether or not the Snapdragon CPU in the device can push that refresh rate without a problem.

It’ll ship with a 5.72-inch screen and dual front-facing speakers, so expect a pretty big device. There’s a dual camera setup on the back, 8GB of RAM, and a massive 4,000mAh battery, so on paper, Razer has pretty nailed the hardware of this device.

We’ve seen some middling dual camera systems before, though, and Razer is an unproven face in a crowded market, so there’s still some mystery surrounding this device, but right out of the gate, they’re in a great position.

source: Reddit

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