Google just made online shopping a lot easier

Shopping online, especially on a phone, can be a hassle when it comes to checkout. Filling out your name, address, card info, shipping address, etc. is a pain, and not all apps and websites are optimized for it. Google gave us a glimpse of the Google Payment API back in May, but it’s now finally available to the masses. Credit card information stored in your Google account can now be used while shopping online, turning a potential headache into just a few clicks.

The credit card information is ready to go if you’ve already added it to Google Play, YouTube, Android Pay or Chrome. Google will send merchants the payment information after you choose the “Pay with Google” option. Simply select the payment method you want to use and the transaction is handled.

The list of compatible apps and websites is limited for now, with sites like Kayak in the US, Dice in the UK and iFood in Brazil ready to go. The list below shows the major ones available and others coming soon.

Google is encouraging developers to head over to developer docs and implement the Google Payment API. It only takes a few lines of code and there are no transaction fees. Google has a list of current payment providers, although the bulk of them are in the “coming soon” section.

It’s great to see Google proactively making mobile online shopping less of a hassle. Hopefully developers will jump onboard and make virtually all of our shopping destinations compatible.

Source: Google

About the Author: Erik Slaven

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