Leaked codenames suggest Google is developing up to three Pixel 3 handsets

Is it too early for leaks about a phone that will probably launch in October 2018? More specifically, the 2018 range of Pixel smartphones. Considering that Google only launched the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on October 5th, this leak comes early in the development stages. The leaked code-names suggest that Google has started work on up to three new Pixel handsets, as well as an even more mysterious fourth device.  Join us for more details after the break. 

The information comes courtesy of Droid-Life’s unnamed source that has revealed the alleged code-names for the 2018 Pixel (3, 3 XL and ?) handsets. According to the source, Google is in the process of developing three smartphones, two of which will probably be the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL if this year’s naming convention continues, as well as another one that will slot into the high-end tier, as opposed to the premium tier that the Pixels occupy. The three code-names are “Crosshatch, “Albacore, and “Blueline respectively, although it is possible that Google may start referring to the devices internally as simply A, B, and C to lend some anonymity. The “Crosshatch” code-name has, in fact, been found in an AOSP comment relating to Qualcomm and Pixel, as seen in the image above.


There might also be a fourth device being worked upon with the code-name “Wahoo”, although it’s unknown whether it relates to the 2017 or 2018 group of devices. Droid-Life came across the empty repository for “Wahoo” that went live earlier today, and that is basically all that is known. What it could be, who knows? Perhaps it’s the mythical Google tablet (allegedly made by Huawei) that has made the rounds over the past year or so, although I wouldn’t bet any money on it.

It should be noted that just because a code-name exists, it doesn’t mean the device will make it all the way through development to the consumer. Just like we saw with the HTC-built “muskie” being ditched in favor of the LG-made “taimen“, Google can change its strategy at any time. Stay tuned for more fishy-themed tech news.

Source: Droid-Life

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