Essential keeps on struggling, drops Essential Phone price to $499

If you’ve already purchased an Essential Phone, you should probably just click out of this article and go do whatever else you have going on. There’s absolutely nothing to see here. Have a great day!

For the rest of us, you might be interested to see that the Essential Phone has already gotten another price cut, steeply dropping the price of the flagship phone to just $499. Yikes.

If the phone had actually launched when it was supposed to, a price cut this far along in the life cycle wouldn’t be great news, but it wouldn’t be a red flag, either. Not a huge one, at least. But considering the phone has barely been available for a month (and that’s really pushing it, considering its launch week inventory woes) it’s approaching Amazon Fire Phone levels of disaster.

We already know it wasn’t selling well at all, but Essential is wording this as a way to make it easier for more people to experience their phone and brand. That’s good PR speak, but it really just means sales are bad and they’re probably more than a little worried about the Google Pixel 2.

If you were waiting on a sale before jumping on the Essential Phone, this might not be a bad opportunity. On the other hand, at this rate it’ll probably be closer to $200 around Christmas, which might be worth waiting a little longer for.

Or the company might just go belly up sometime in mid-November. Who really knows at this point?

source: Essential
via: 9to5 Google

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