Made for Google website launches to help you find official accessories

Google has launched a new site that will help you specifically find accessories approved for Google devices. These aren’t Google-made accessories, either, but instead official accessories by approved partners, which opens up a ton of avenues to find everything from headphones to cases to skins.

The site in its current state lists 22 partners, including some high profile companies like Belkin, Tech21, Under Armour, and Otterbox, and they offer quick ways to jump to those respective companies’ online stores to find Pixel accessories.

Most of the partners already have accessories and sites up for you to lock in orders and buy things, but not all. Some names, like Belkin, Kate Spade, and Under Armour, are listed on the site but you can’t actually click on them just yet, which means they don’t have an online presence for Google accessories or simply don’t have accessories ready for sale. That’ll change soon, obviously, and the list will certainly keep growing, but it’s not complete.

Google also lists contact information to join the partnership program, which hopefully means we’ll see tons of manufacturers hop on board to make the Pixel ecosystem just a little bit better.

source: Made for Google

About the Author: Jared Peters

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