Taking Chrome OS screenshots will soon be just like your Android phone

Chrome OS has come a long way since its humble beginnings. It initially started as a cheap way to get online and have basic office suite functionality on a device resembling a laptop. They even started replacing netbooks for kids and students, although netbooks could still do more. Chrome OS has come a long way, however, with high-end models, Android app support and convertible hardware that rivals expensive Windows machines. They’re more common now than Android tablets, although tablets are arguably still more functional. Something as simple as taking a screenshot is still an awkward task on Chromebooks.

Screenshots and partial screenshots currently require double or triple button combinations in Chrome OS, which make it impossible to take one if the device is in tablet mode. A third-party extension would have to be installed. A regular screenshot currently requires ctrl + switch window key, while a partial one requires ctrl + shift + switch window key. Fortunately, this is about to get a lot easier. A new commit in the Chromium Gerrit describes how Chromebooks can take screenshots just like Android phones – holding the power button and volume down simultaneously. This would solve the issue of taking screenshots in tablet mode and standardize things a bit more between Chrome OS and Android.

Simple additions like this will help Chrome OS become more intuitive and drop the need for extensions to provide basic functionality. The upgrade should hit the Chrome OS Dev Channel soon, with the stable channel coming within a few months.

Source: XDA

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  • David

    What about bookmark screenshots? I use Bookmark OS which does it for me

  • NoNotTellingYou

    Or just use the stylus on your Samsung Chromebook Plus.