The Google Home app confirms the Google Home Mini before tomorrow’s launch

Google has a lot of new products launching tomorrow, most notably the new Pixel phones. But Google Home’s little brother, the Google Home Mini, is also on the list. We’ve seen leaks in recent weeks, but now Android Police has spotlighted a Twitter user who found the Mini in Google Home’s app.

The above image was posted by Raymond Durk on Twitter, which confirms the Google Home Mini’s existence in Google Home’s app. Although we’re still a day away from announcement, it’s common for products to suddenly appear like this as a launch approaches. Another image he posted shows a small render and name of the device.

The Mini will come in three colors, Chalk, Charcoal and Coral. Although the standard Google Home bases were interchangeable, the Mini’s bases will be fixed. Coral and Charcoal will have matching bases, while Chalk will have a white base.

Unlike the $129 price of Google Home, the Google Home Mini is rumored to sell for only $49. That entry level price could put Google Assistant in a lot more homes this holiday season. Everything will be known tomorrow when Google holds its launch event at 12 PM Eastern Time.

Source: 9to5Google

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