[Deal] Save on HTC products during the 10:08 Day sale

If you’ve been holding out on a deal to buy a new HTC device, now’s your best chance. They’re running a 10:08 sale in commemoration of the time that’s on all of HTC’s press images (seriously, go double check) that runs from October 2nd through October 10th.

This sale includes some pretty sweet discounts, including a percentage off flagship phones, accessory discounts, and a free gift for phone purchases in the first part of the week.

Looking for highlights?

  • $100 off HTC U11 (final price $549) + free HTC gift pack
  • $300 off HTC U Ultra (final price $449)
  • $200 off HTC Bolt (final price $400)
  • 50% off accessories with purchase of a device
  • $10 cases for select devices

Just about any HTC fan should be able to find something they like during this sale, and someone considering making a flagship purchase should be very interested.

If you see something you want, don’t wait too long. The deals run through this Sunday, but everything’s back to normal price next week.

source: HTC

About the Author: Jared Peters

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