Motorola fails with Moto G4 Android Oreo update in more ways than one

Late last week Motorola revealed the existing devices in their product lineup that would receive the Android 8.0 Oreo update. As we noted, one group of customers left out in the cold were those who owned Moto G4 devices as they were not included in the list. Upsetting customers is not a good idea in this day and age, especially those who are tech-savvy and can do things like find old marketing materials making product promises. That is exactly what has happened in the case of Android Oreo and the Moto G4 despite apparent attempts to scrub the Internet of that history.

If there are old sayings in the world of the Internet, then one of them surely would be “the Internet never forgets.” Motorola is getting a lesson in that after a Reddit user pointed out some of the promises that Motorola made when it launched the Moto G4 via some marketing material. According to a poster, the Moto G4 Plus was scheduled to be “upgraded to Android operating system versions N and O.” Apparently the contents of the Moto G4 Plus box for Spanish speaking customers included an insert that also references the eventual update to Android O.

The Redditer posting this information also noted that Amazon India appears to have edited a listing for the Moto G4 Plus to remove a video reference to the device eventually getting Android O. Others have noted that a tweet from Motorola India promising an Android 8 update also got pulled.

Motorola, despite some solid hardware and a wide-ranging portfolio of devices, continues to struggle with the whole Android update commitment. That seems odd as Motorola has been one of the leaders in pushing for a more vanilla version of Android on their devices which should make updates easier. The attempt to scrub the Internet of a promise made and now broken is only going to add to their problems.

source: Reddit
via: Phandroid

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