It’s official: Google will announce the Pixel 2 on October 4

It was previously thought that Google may announce its new smartphones on October 5th, but no, the search giant has chosen to confirm that Pixel 2 devices will indeed be launched a day earlier on October 4th. It would appear that a switch has flipped at Google HQ, turning the Pixel 2 hype machine on at full tilt with videos, billboards, and web pages all confirming the same thing. 

First, there was the sighting of a huge billboard in Boston telling you to ‘Ask more of your phone‘ with the October 4th date printed below that was sent to Droid-Life.  Then, earlier today, Google posted the video that we’ve kindly embedded above, where someone is searching for help on why his (or her) phone is so slow, hot, and stupid, you get the idea. The ad ends with the saying ‘Funny you should ask‘ and also presents the October 4th date.

Finally, there say all good things come in threes, Google has also put a homepage up (Google search for Ask More), asking if you were are thinking about changing phones before confirming the October 4th announcement, with an option to insert your email address to stay tuned for further updates.

It’s a triple whammy of confirmations, and while nothing new about the Pixel 2 smartphones has emerged, Pixel fans everyone will be jotting the date down in the Google Calendar app, or any of these alternatives,  to make sure they don’t miss the official announcement. Speaking of which, what are you doing on October 4th?

Source: Google (YouTube)

About the Author: Peter Holden

He's been an Android fan ever since owning an HTC Hero, with the Dell Streak being his first phablet. He currently carries a Pixel 2 XL, Huawei P20 Pro, and a Huawei MediaPad M5 (8.4) in his pockets and thinks nothing of lugging a 17-inch laptop around in his backpack. When not immersed in the world of Android and gadgets, he's an avid sports fan, and like all South Africans, he loves a good Braai (BBQ).

  • Maged Samuel

    Any tablet announcement?

    • Peter Holden

      No details have leaked about a tablet as yet. As as we hear anything, we’ll post it. Personally, I would love it if Google was to surprise us with an 8-inch tablet boasting high-end specs (SD821 & 4GB RAM) running Oreo. I’m not holding my breath though.