Looks like we won’t see the Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 after all

Remember all those rumors about the Pixel 2 grabbing up the first run of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 836 chips? Well, that may not actually happen. And it’s not Google’s fault; the Snapdragon 836 simply won’t exist.

It’s pretty strange for such a strong rumor to end up being completely wrong, especially when similar situations have happened in the past. Google’s first generation Pixel phones launched with the Snapdragon 821, for example, and Qualcomm has introduced incremental flagship upgrades towards the end of the year. This time, though, it looks like the leaks were wrong.

As many of you know, rumors, even the ones like this, aren’t 100% certain until manufacturers announce something. There’s confusion in the pipeline somewhere, which means Qualcomm could end up announcing another chip besides the Snapdragon 836. They’re surely going to have a newer chip ready for next year’s flagships, but we don’t know what that means for the Pixel. It’s likely that they’ll get the very capable Snapdragon 835, but again, until Google says so, don’t hold your breath on anything.

source: XDA Developers