Essential Phone will get 2 years of updates, new wireless accessories every few months

Andy Rubin has posted some new information about the Essential Phone, including how long you can expect it to be updated and supported. Fortunately, it’s all good news on that front.

Like Google, Essential will be providing two years of Android software updates and three years of monthly security patches, which means your device will be supported well into 2019 and 2020 with new features, and you won’t need to worry about any security flaws.

On top of that, Essential is planning on rolling out new wireless accessories for the device (like the 360 camera) every few months, so you’ll be able to add additional hardware features to your phone throughout the near future. Those accessories will also work with Essential Home, ticking many boxes for an attractive device ecosystem.

Rubin’s blog post also says that the Essential phone is available today for $699, or $749 for the camera bundle, but all of the sites that will carry it (Sprint, Best Buy, and all still list it as “coming soon” or are only taking reservations. The post is at least 10 hours old at this point, too, so if we’re waiting on the sites to refresh it’s taking awhile.

So, if you can ever actually buy this thing, it looks like you won’t need to worry about replacing your phone for several years thanks to great post-launch support. You just have to get your hands on it, first.

source: Essential

About the Author: Jared Peters

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