LG V30 will launch with UX 6.0+ and new software features

LG rolled out several new interface features with UX 6.0 on the G6 earlier this year, and the V30 aims to make some key refinements with UX 6.0+. The newer software will also take advantage of the unique hardware of the V30, including that fancy new screen.

The software still looks like typical LG, but one big new addition is the Floating Bar that’s definitely going to be replacing the secondary display of the V line. No more extra screen space at the top of the screen, but you’ll instead get a semi-transparent shortcut bar that you can drag off the screen when you don’t need it. It’s not particularly revolutionary (I think I remember a quick shortcut bar like this on the Galaxy S5) but hopefully LG has a few slick features they can use with it to make it worthwhile.

Other features of UX 6.0+ include improvements to Always-on Display that will allow you to see quick tools, a music player, or a personal photo, and some new security features. The V30 will offer facial recognition and voice recognition to unlock the device thanks to Qualcomm’s always-listening capabilities in the processor.

The LG V30 will be using an advanced new camera, so of course there will be software to help utilize that. We’ll be getting Graphy, which is a powerful camera service that gives users complete control over their shots. It integrates with a website where you can also browse pictures and download the settings for a particular picture to try and capture the same tone and mood, adding a social media aspect to it.

We’ll see the rest of what the V30 has to offer at the end of this month.

source: LG

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