Motorola’s GamePad Moto Mod can be pre-ordered exclusively from Verizon for $79.99

Motorola’s newest flagship smartphone, the Moto Z2 Force, is the company’s latest handset to boast compatibility with its line up of Moto Mods that add extra functionality. One such Moto Mod is the GamePad which will be available to order for $79.99 exclusively from Verizon on August 25.

The GamePad will connect to the compatible Z-series phone via the pins on the handset’s rear panel, and adds physical controls such as dual control sticks, bumper buttons, D-Pad, as well as X/Y/B/A and Select/Start/Home buttons for use when gaming. With an internal battery with a 1,035mAh capacity, the GamePad should manage up to 8 hours worth of gaming. You won’t miss any photo opportunities when the Moto Mod is installed because the GamePad has a cut-out hole so that the rear camera isn’t blocked by the accessory.

Something that should be noted is that a game has to be specifically optimized to make full use of the GamePad Moto Mod, or the user will have to manually configure navigation buttons via a third-party app. At present, only a few games are currently fully compatible with the add-on device that costs $79.99.

Verizon is selling the GamePad from its bricks-and-mortar stores as well as online, so owners of a Z-series handset from other carriers should be able to purchase the gaming add-on without hindrance. What do you think of the GamePad Moto Mod? At $79.99, it isn’t cheap, do you think it adds enough functionality for the price?

Source: Verizon

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