Motorola quietly drops Moto Z2 Force price to $720, says it was always meant to be so

The Moto Z2 Force launched last week, complete with Moto Mod compatibility and a plastic shatterproof display. Something else it launched with was a $800 price tag if you bought the handset directly from Motorola itself, which many of us thought was a tad high for the Moto Z2 Force. For whatever reason, the price has been dropped to $720 on the Motorola website without ceremony, representing a saving of $80. 

According to a Motorola spokesperson, the $800 price tag was a mistake in itself and has been called a ‘typo’. Instead, the spokesperson said the Moto Z2 Force was always meant to be priced at $720, and yes, buyers will still get the free projector Mod. If you were thinking of buying the Moto Z2 Force from Motorola with financing, this means you’ll be paying $30 monthly instead of $33.

Despite Motorola’s spokesperson saying that the $800 price was a mistake, I rather cynically think that perhaps the take-up on the Moto Z2 Force was a little slow, and so Motorola decided to drop the price a bit to drum up some sales. Even at $720, the Moto Z2 Force is still a little overpriced when you consider the Moto Mods that Motorola wants you to splurge out on. It’s also difficult to view the Moto Mods as anything except a money grab by Motorola/Lenovo.

Apart from AT&T who wants $809 for its version, it seems that most other carriers are asking around the $750 mark for the Moto Z2 Force, which is still a premium of around $30 on what Motorola is selling its version for.

What do you think of the price drop to $720? Is the $80 saving enough to entice you into buying the Moto Z2 Force? Will we see the Motorola drop the price to $650 in the coming months? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Motorola
Via: Android Police

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  • Jacob Bondt

    Still to high a pricec,it should bevaround $690.00,over priced phone .The phone is a pilecof junk!

  • Considering they give you a free Insta-Share projector Moto Mod for a limited time, as long as you take advantage of the deal, it should lessen the blow of the price tag.