Leaked image shows the Moto Z2 Force with AT&T branding and dual rear cameras

It looks like we aren’t too far from the Moto Z2 Force being officially launched with this latest leak showing the handset with AT&T branding and a dual camera setup on the rear panel. From the pic, we can see that the fuzzy images that leaked back in April were spot on the money. 

The image comes courtesy of serial leaker Evan Blass, and just like last years model, the Moto Z2 Force lacks a 3.5mm audio jack, instead relying on the USB Type-C charging port to pull double duty. Design-wise, the Moto Z2 Force sports a brushed metal design with the fingerprint sensor situated below the display. As you might expect, the Moto Z2 Force is compatible with Moto Mods, with the 16 dot connection plate visible on the rear panel. Something else you may have noticed from the leaked image is the presence of a dual camera setup on the rear panel.

Other than that, the power and volume buttons are on the right-hand-side of the phone, with the sim tray on the top edge next to a microphone. It’s thought that the Moto Z2 Force will sport a 5.5-inch display with at least Full HD resolution, with a Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM providing the grunt. For the moment it isn’t known exactly when the Moto Z2 Force will be officially unveiled.

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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  • newsjunkieintl

    Previous leaked 369 degree render images showed the Moto Z2 Force with restored 3.59mm headset jack. VERY disappointed this is not true. Motorola puts it in the mid-tier Moto Z2 Play, but not the top tier Z3 Force? STUPID.