Galaxy Note Fan Edition set to hit South Korea with smaller battery and Bixby

You’ll finally get another chance to buy the Galaxy Note 7, at least if you’re in South Korea. The Galaxy Note Fan Edition is a reworked version of the original explosive device with a few key changes and the weird new name, including a smaller battery and Bixby integration.

The device is identical to the original Galaxy Note 7, including the exact same design and hardware. The battery is only 3200mAh, down 300mAh from the Galaxy Note 7, and it’s been rigorously tested so it won’t pose any kind of safety hazard, fixing the one critical flaw from the device last year. Samsung also included Bixby that was first introduced in the Galaxy S8, so it sort of feels like an actually updated version of the phone.

It’s expensive, though; it’s going to sell for about $600, although Samsung is throwing in a free case and an S-Pen case for early adopters. As of right now, you’re only going to be able to get this in South Korea, but Samsung might allocate a few extra units to other markets if demand is there and it won’t interfere with the Galaxy Note 8 in a few months.

source: Samsung

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