HTC teases new Edge Sense features for the U11

The biggest selling point of HTC’s U11 is obviously its unique Edge Sense features that allow you to literally squeeze the sides of the phone to do things with it. It’s a cool, albeit weird, design that helps the U11 stand out, and you can bet HTC will try to capitalize on it.

HTC USA on Twitter is teasing some new applications that will soon be supported by Edge Sense, including Google Maps, Google Photos, the calendar, and some other system applications.

In the Google apps you’ll be able to squeeze the U11 to zoom in on a map or a photo, all without ever having to actually touch the screen. You can squeeze again to zoom back out, too. The other apps are getting more unique interactions, like the ability to switch between views in calendar, the option to snooze alarms with a squeeze, and a quick way to pause a video without needing the on-screen media buttons.

These features aren’t live yet, but they should be coming soon, especially with the U11’s early success.

source: HTC (Twitter)

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  • Ricardio

    How about a squeeze to drop the notification shade?