Grab the Pixel Launcher for any Android phone, no root required

Ever since the Google Now launcher was discontinued, there was no official way to get the Google home screen experience on your Android device short of buying something that used Google’s newer launcher, which is pretty much just the Pixel. The Pixel’s a great phone, don’t get me wrong, but many people prefer other devices for various reasons.

Unfortunately there’s still no official way to snag the Pixel Launcher on a different device, but now we have the next best thing: a fully ported apk of the launcher that can be installed with no root. Yep, developer AmirZ has posted a fully functional port of the launcher on Reddit for anyone to download and install, and it’s 100% functional, including the Google search bar, the weather widget, and Google Now access. Performance is also top notch with no weird quirks like you sometimes see on hacky third party solutions.

If you want to test it out, just follow the link below and grab the file.

source: Reddit
via: GSM Arena

About the Author: Jared Peters

Born in southern Alabama, Jared spends his working time selling phones and his spare time writing about them. The Android enthusiasm started with the original Motorola Droid, but the tech enthusiasm currently covers just about everything. He likes PC gaming, Lenovo's Moto Z line, and a good productivity app.

  • solis

    Doesn’t work properly on the Huawei P9.

  • joeinoklahoma

    i still have and use the Google Now launcher

  • Ware52

    Seems to work on the 6P. Love it – thanks.