Plex introduces Live TV, coming to Android TV

Plex has been hard at work bringing more traditional TV functionality to their service, which started with a push for DVR baked right into the app. That feature is expanding even further today with the announcement of live TV, right on your Plex devices.

The live TV feature is rolling out first to Android TV first, with most other devices coming in the near future. Now you can watch things right as they air, as opposed to recording them on your Plex DVR and watching them after the fact. You’ll still need to supply your own tuners and hardware, of course, but this will be a big step for cordcutters and Android TV owners.

In addition to the inclusion of live TV, Plex is also improving its DVR functionality. It can now record while watching live TV and should handle multiple recordings better, and the built-in scheduler should be much smarter.

Both of these features are exclusive to Plex Pass users, but if you’re subscribed and have an Android TV to test it out, let us know how it works.

source: Plex

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