HTC’s U11 tops the competition in DxOMark, including the Pixel

Smartphone cameras are important, and that’s been a very painful sticking point for HTC before. They’re trying to fix that the U11, and if we’re going by DxOMark scores, they’ve succeeded.

The Google Pixel was previously the most impressive camera with a score of 89, but HTC has taken the crown after the U11 was awarded a score of 90. It’s a very, very slight improvement, and DxOMark is by no means the only factor when it comes to images and a smartphone as a whole, but that’s a huge deal for a company like HTC that desperately needs a win.

That low light shot, for example, clearly shows the U11 performing better than the Pixel and the Galaxy S8. It controls noise very well and keeps colors accurate and not washed out. DxO also noted that the autofocus was fantastic, it had great performance indoors and outdoors, and colors and white balance are top notch, even with the flash on.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, as HTC’s last flagship, the HTC 10, scored an 88 which tied with the Galaxy S8. But if this matches what reviews start to find, HTC might have a sleeper hit on their hands.

source: DxOMark

About the Author: Jared Peters

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