Amazon introduces Alexa Calling and Messaging

Amazon today announced the Echo Show, a device we saw rumors of just yesterday; however, the Echo Show isn’t all they had to reveal — Amazon is also introducing calling and texting through Alexa.

With Alexa Calling and Messaging, users will be able to send voice messages, place calls and send texts to anyone with the Alexa app on their Android or iOS device as well as supported Echo devices.

This new feature isn’t available quite yet — Amazon only says that it’s coming soon. When it does become available, in order to use this new feature, both parties will have to have Alexa Calling and Messaging enabled inside the Alexa app itself.

You can expect this to work on Android and iOS, but also supported Echo devices as we already mentioned. This will include things like the Echo Dot, the original Echo and today’s newly announced Echo Show.

source: Amazon

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