The Echo Show is official, puts a display with Alexa for $229

Amazon’s latest Echo family member is official.

In 2015, the Echo arrived. It was a column-shaped device that not many people understood at the time, but it quickly rose to the top due to the technology inside. Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant, brought popularity to the field. And it enabled Amazon to go all-in by releasing additional devices. The Echo Dot and Tap followed the original Echo in 2016. The company built a full-fledged family of similar-yet-different devices in under a year. Now it’s adding new, bolder types of devices that you probably didn’t expect but would love to use.

Just last week the Echo Look was introduced. Today, Amazon unveiled the Echo Show. With this new device, it’s almost as if Alexa has a face. The Echo Show includes a display for visual assistant. So, at all times, you get to see what Alexa knows rather than only hearing what she knows.

Introducing Echo Show

It works the same way the Echo and Echo Dot do, but you get added benefits through the display and front-facing camera. The display on the Echo Show enables you to see the time, weather forecasts, video news briefings, YouTube videos, photos, shopping lists, and more at a glance. The front-facing camera, meanwhile, adds the option to have video calls (or simply audio-only calls) with others who have an Echo or Alexa app.

As expected, you start a command with “Alexa” and the Echo Show handles everything.

Although it won’t be released until June 28, you can pre-order Amazon’s Echo Show in black or white today. It costs $229; however, a two-pack is available for $358. And, of course, the product is eligible for free two-day day shipping if you have a Prime membership. If the interest is anything like other Echo devices, the Echo Show could be sold out quickly.

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