Motorola could soon be launching a Moto tablet

A new report from Android Police says that Motorola is working on a new tablet, a Moto tablet at that. This would be Motorola’s first tablet to come to market in a couple years.

Motorola has had a range of great phones come out over the years — the Moto X, the Moto X Pure Edition, the Moto Z family and so on. A Moto tablet would, presumably, meet the same amount of quality and maybe even compliment these devices.

Android Police, who is “highly confident” in their source, received the above image from this tablet.

The publication says that it’s 9-10 inches in diagonal size and that it has a premium feel; however, there’s currently no information on the processor, screen dimensions or even a name. So, there’s not a whole lot to talk about, besides the above screenshot.

Apparently, this indicates some sort of “Productivity Mode” in the new tablet. With this mode enabled, you’ll be able to pin applications to the navigation bar so that you can switch between them easily. It’ll give the tablet almost a Chrome OS appearance, still with some differences, of course. The screenshot even says you’ll be able to close apps in the navigation bar by long-pressing them and dragging them up.

That’s all there really is to go on. It makes this supposed “Moto” tablet sound pretty interesting, but again, the Productivity Mode is all we know about. Everything else essentially remains a mystery, although we’d love to see more information on it soon.

Hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

source: Android Police

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