Xiaomi phones still aren’t coming to the US anytime soon

Xiaomi has said for years they were working out how to finally bring their extremely popular mobile devices to the United States. It’s a huge market, after all, and it’s rare to see a smartphone company succeed without a US presence. Xiaomi’s made it this far, though, and we’re still some time away from that changing.

Previously, we were expecting Xiaomi to reach into western markets sometime in 2017. However, Xiaomi’s current Senior VP Wang Xiang has clarified that that’s not a concrete date and he wasn’t confident the company would be able to meet that goal, anyway.

Part of the problem is that Xiaomi is already offering their devices in 30 countries, and they’re a relatively small company. They’re targeting developing markets because they

On top of the US’s incredibly saturated state of smartphones, it’s also dominated by carriers and their demands. Unless you’re Apple, the phone you offer on their networks will have to be customized and tested to work to their very specific standards, and that’s brutal for a small company. If you’re not planning on working with a carrier, well, good luck getting off the ground. Just ask Sony.

From the sounds of it, the US is still on Xiaomi’s roadmap. It’s just a really, really long road.

source: Engadget

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  • Richard Dennis

    Well if its anything like the Mi Box they can keep it.. Non responsive customer service.. Does not play Netflix.. And Constantly disconnecting itself from wifi.. Oh and updates well.. Nope.. So yea.. I dont think i will be getting Mi anything.