Jack Dorsey might be hinting at a physical Square debit card

Square Cash could be throwing around the idea of launching a physical debit card, if a photo tweeted by company CEO Jack Dorsey is anything to go by.

The photo he tweeted is an all-black card, and it’s something that was already being hinted at in 2014, but obviously never made any headway.

Square Cash already has a virtual debit card, which is used for buying stuff online and even some in-store transactions with contactless payment services; however, not all stores support these contactless payment services, so a physical Square Cash debit card would make sense if the company is looking for a broader adoption of its payment service.

Of course, there’s been no official statement that a physical Square Cash debit card is coming. It’s merely a guess, based off of the photo Dorsey tweeted. Will we see anything beyond that photo? We’re not sure, but it would almost make sense as a next step for the company.

source: Jack Dorsey (Twitter)
via: ReCode

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